Commercial Restoration and Renovation Award


Commercial Restoration/Renovation Award Sponsored by the Trent Hills Community Development Office Awarded to a business or organization that has distinguished itself in the overall visual impact or distinctiveness, innovative design, or commitment to heritage of the exterior and/or interior of their business.

 Our renovation was to make the second floor of CLC/B (including the Resource Centre) fully accessible to all members of the community. This was accomplished by installing a lift system from the main lobby entrance to the upper reception area. The lift is clearly visible to all those entering the Resource Centre thereby providing assurance that all accessibility barriers have been removed.

Renovations also included a smaller lift installed on the second floor to remove a barrier presented by differing floor levels.

The second floor bathroom also underwent several renovations to make it fully accessible.

Anyone entering our Resource Centre and the second floor Admin Offices are able to quickly see that all barriers to accessibility have been removed.

 The Ontarians Disabilities Act (2001) was established to remove barriers which prevent people from participating fully in their communities. CLC/B believes in the concept of “inclusive communities” as a way of fulfilling the basic human need to belong. For this reason we strongly believe that all of our space and facilities should be completely accessible. For someone to be excluded from this because of physical limitations is unacceptable. One of the goals of our organization is to educate others about accessibility and inclusion issues. We must act as role models if we are to expect the larger community to accept their responsibilities in the removal of barriers.

 We were absolutely committed to ensuring that our renovations were completed with no impact on the heritage of our building, both interior and exterior.

The chair lift was installed in the existing stairwell/foyer and the beautifully elevated ceiling and stairwell chandelier remained untouched.

Nancy Accepting Reward

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