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What is Employment Support?

A person’s dream and desire to be a contributing and valued member of their community is a fundamental right to all.

Employment Support provide adults with assistance in securing and sustaining competitive employment that matches their interests, skills and abilities.

What Employment Support is Available?

Community Living Campbellford/Brighton has numerous community connections with employers, service clubs, and volunteer organizations in order to assist people to:

  • Identify an employment goal, develop an action/business plan and become familiar with pertinent supports and/or assistive devices.
  • Learn about money management, recordkeeping, budgeting and marketing.
  • Develop transferable Employment Skills through time-limited and goal-focused training and/or job trials.
  • Find a job, complete orientation and basic training and maintain a productive working relationship through on-going employer/employee support.

How do I apply for Community Living Campbellford/Brighton Employment Support?


Employment Support at Community Living Campbellford/Brighton are available through government-funded programs AND on a fee-for-service basis.

You can apply for funded Employment Services by contacting Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) by phone at 1.855.277.2121 or by email at

To learn more about the application process please visit the DSO website at or call Community Living Campbellford/Brighton at 705-653-1821 or toll free at 1-866-528-0825.

Is Employment Good for My Health?


Yes! Research has shown that long-term unemployment is harmful to your physical and mental health. Employed people enjoy:

  • Better health
  • Full participation in society, independence and human rights
  • Improved quality of life and well-being

Did you know?

If you receive Employment Services funding from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) you can make even more money by also working?

  • You can earn up to $200 each month without affecting your ODSP income support.
  • If you make more than $200/month then each dollar in excess of the $200 limit will only reduce your ODSP income support by 50 cents.
  • ODSP will give you $100 each month you work or when your business makes a profit. This is called the Work-Related Benefit.

Between your family’s work income, your income support and the $100 Work-Related Benefit, you and your family will have more money while working than from ODSP income support alone!

For More About This Program

Please contact Donna Desjardins, Director of Support & Services
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Phone: 705.653.1821 Ext. 215
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Toll Free: 1.866.528.0825 Ext. 215

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