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a group of people standing inside. In this angle we are looking down on them as they all high five together. The group ranges in diversity. There is a white man with red hair and a blue tshirt on the left. Next to him you can see the brown hair of a woman, her face is tucked down, and she is wearing a white tshirt. Next to her is an individual with brown curly hair atop their head. They are wearing round dark framed glasses. Next to them is a dark skinned woman with curly hair tied back in a pony tail. To the bottom right we see a white woman with red hair from behind. Next to her at the bottom left we can see a portion of a black man with his dark hair and dark framed glasses. And between this man and the first man with red hair, there is a bald gentleman with glasses.

Interested in a job with Inclusion Northumberland? 

Please contact Emily Pomeroy for all hiring inquiries.

We Are Hiring – Part Time Direct Support Professionals

Ideal candidates will be graduates of a Human Services Programs, such as DSW, SSW, CYW, PSW, ECE, BST, but Inclusion Northumberland is willing to provide training to those who share our organizational values.