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Community Living Campbellford/Brighton provides many support and services to people with intellectual disabilities including but not limited to The Brighton Location, Campbellford Community Resource Centre, Community Homes, Employment Support, Campbellford Office Supplies and More, Family Homes, Foundations, Individual Residential Care, Respite, Supported Independent Living, and The Drop-In Centre.

Who We Are

Established in 1960, Community Living Campbellford/Brighton is a non-profit organization that provides support and services to approximately 140 people throughout Northumberland County. Community Living Campbellford/Brighton provides support and services to foster and encourage meaningful inclusion and participation for people with an intellectual disability. Community Living Campbellford/Brighton emphasizes the promotion of quality of life for all people. We subscribe to a Personal Outcome based philosophy to support services, which is governed by our Mission, Vision, Principles and Values. The organization is Accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership and is part of a Provincial Core Competencies project that is geared to ensure a consistent level of service excellence. Community Living has earned a reputation for distinction, having won four Donner Canadian Foundation Awards for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services, and the Peter F. Drucker Award for Non-Profit Management for demonstrating consistent excellence and innovation in the management and delivery of services.

Our Support

Community Living Campbellford/Brighton helps people to define and achieve their goals and dreams, using an internationally recognized index of service-delivery performance indicators called “Personal Outcome Measures”. These Measures guide us to ask what each person wants, and evaluates our responsiveness. We put listening to and learning from each person at the centre of organizational life.

Along with friends, family members and volunteers, employees provide unique and varied opportunities for people receiving services to experience all aspects of community life. Personal life plans are created and barriers are removed in order to assist people in realizing their personal goals, dreams and desires.

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Please contact Donna Desjardins, Director of Support & Services
65 Bridge St East, P.O. Box 1360
Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0
Phone: 705.653.1821 Ext. 215
Fax: 705.653.5738
Toll Free: 1.866.528.0825 Ext. 215

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Tel: 705-653-1821
Toll-free: 1-866-528-0825
Fax: 705-653-5738

Inclusion Northumberland
65 Bridge St, E.
P.O. Box 1360
Campbellford ON K0K 1L0

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