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Supported Independent Living

A woman sits inside on a bed with fluffy blankets and her relaxed dog. She is wearing a blue shit and beige pants and has a laptop on her legs with headphones on around her head. She is wearing a few bracelets and appears to have a wedding band on. Beside her is a loyal dog that she is petting and the dog has his eyes squinted closed and appears to be enjoying the pats.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living is ideal for adults with developmental disabilities that require minimal individualized support, in areas such as finances, home management, and developing community connections. People may opt to live independently, or they may live with family or roommates of their own choosing.

What are the benefits of the SIL program?

The SIL program is uniquely tailored to each person and his/her respective needs. This means that the person-directed support will change as the person’s needs change.

Inclusion Northumberland works in collaboration with people and their families in order to create innovative, sustainable and independent living options.

People may opt to live independently, or with roommates of their own choosing.

Support is flexible and can potentially move with if the person changes dwellings.

Inclusion Northumberland has the capacity to independently facilitate SIL services, but is also prepared to work as a member of a larger network providing one or more components of support.

How often are SIL supports offered?

The SIL program provides supports to independent people living in their own home. Supports are not provided around the clock; but may range from a few hours to several hours per week.

The frequency, schedule, and content of the supports provided are aimed at enhancing people’s ability to live as independently as possible.

Supported Independent Living also offers Outreach Support to people with developmental disabilities who live with their families. This support provides assistance in developing community connections and promotes social and recreational opportunities based on the person’s interests.

How can I apply for SIL?

The SIL program at Inclusion Northumberland is available through government funding AND on a fee-for-service basis. You can apply for funding by contacting Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) at 1.855.277.2121 or by email at

To learn more about the application process please visit the DSO website at

If you have any questions about our Supported Independent Living program, please call 705.653.1821 or email