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Our Mission

a woman sits comfortably in her wheelchair and smiles at the camera. She is sitting outside and you can see plants and trees blurred in the background behind her. She is wearing a rattan type hat and has beautiful bright purple and pink hair that is down past her shoulders. She is wearing a beautiful white lace dress that appears to fall just below her knees. She has one hand down on her leg and the other hand rests on her arm. She has bright blue nail polish on.

Vision: Our Preferred Future

A community that inspires possibilities to realize the hopes and dreams of all citizens.

Mission: Our Purpose

Inclusion Northumberland supports people with developmental disabilities to fully participate in community life.

Values: Our Principles

Respect, Choices, and Diversity 

We assure dignity and respect, value diversity and honour people’s choices.

Families and Support Networks 

We believe that the involvement of families and support networks contributes to everyone’s well-being.

Inclusive Communities 

We champion inclusive communities to enrich the lives of everyone.

Collaboration and Partnerships 

We collaborate and partner to strengthen our efforts to create inclusive communities.

Leadership and Excellence 

We strive to be effective leaders in everything we do.

Integrity and Accountability 

We foster relationships that are honest, fair and fulfill the promises we make.

2023-2025 Strategic Plan

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