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a group of people standing inside. In this angle we are looking down on them as they all high five together. The group ranges in diversity. There is a white man with red hair and a blue tshirt on the left. Next to him you can see the brown hair of a woman, her face is tucked down, and she is wearing a white tshirt. Next to her is an individual with brown curly hair atop their head. They are wearing round dark framed glasses. Next to them is a dark skinned woman with curly hair tied back in a pony tail. To the bottom right we see a white woman with red hair from behind. Next to her at the bottom left we can see a portion of a black man with his dark hair and dark framed glasses. And between this man and the first man with red hair, there is a bald gentleman with glasses.

At Inclusion Northumberland, our dedicated team is driven by a shared passion for creating a more inclusive society. Committed to our mission of supporting people with developmental disabilities to fully participate in community life, each member brings unique expertise and a genuine commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we work tirelessly to foster an environment of acceptance, understanding, and empowerment, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully within our community.

Meet the individuals who bring their dedication and expertise to the forefront of our mission:

Board of Directors

President: Fred Wardle

Vice-President: Kim MacNeil

Treasurer: Sue Oliver

Secretary: Kimberly Hale

Director: Alicia McKnight

Director: John Mood

Director: Ron Cole

Director: Patricia Sokoloski

Past President: Paul Smith


Executive Director: Dawn Lee

Director of Human Resources: Leslie Steeves

Director of Support & Services: Donna Desjardins

Director of Quality Enhancement & Community Development: Lisa Searle

Supervisor of Support & Services: Katrina Joice

Supervisor of Support & Services: Stephanie Ash

Supervisor of Support & Services: LeeAnn Miller

Supervisor of Support & Services: Tara Donly

Supervisor of Support & Services: Sharon Skyers

Coordinator of Support & Services (Quality Systems): Shelley Althouse

Coordinator of Support & Services (Planning & Intake): Melissa Cowey

Coordinator of Support & Services (Scheduling) : Leslie Coles

HR Generalist: Emily Pomeroy

IT/Systems Analyst: Bev Dunlay

Human Resources Analyst: Kyle Snyder

Executive Assistant: Kimberly Hale

Finance Administrator: Vickie Meiklejohn

Property Services Administrator: Kevin Geen

Resource Centre Administrator: Nikki Casey

Interested in joining our Board of Directors?

Reach out to Kimberly via our contact form and we’ll be in touch!

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