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Child with Special Needs Respite

A young man poses with a big smile with his arms up and his hands beside his ears. He is sitting on a boat and you can see water and some buildings in the background behind him. The man is wearing a lifejacket.

Children’s Special Needs Respite

Inclusion Northumberland provides services that are offered as an opportunity for day or overnight camps during summer and other school breaks. This will allow children and families to be selective in their services, rather than only having the option of traditional group living style supports. This option can cover weeklong camp during the summer/school breaks; however, if the family chooses days/hours as an alternative that kind of flexibility will be offered. 

Inclusion Northumberland would be open to other ideas that suit the families’ specific respite needs. A subsidy or full registration cost can be covered depending on the costs. The criteria are that the camp must be accredited/approved and must be able to meet the child’s physical and/or medical needs.