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Two people sit together at a table in a kitchen sharing a snack. The man is wearing a striped tshirt and has medium length straight dirty blonde hair. The woman is wearing a bright yellow sweater and has straight brown hair that is down past her shoulders. She has one hand on a pink mug and her other hand is holding up her cupcake like she is about to do a "cheers" with the man and his cupcake.

Community. Opportunity. Equality.

Established in 1960, Inclusion Northumberland is a non-profit organization that fosters meaningful inclusion and participation for people with developmental disabilities throughout Northumberland County and the surrounding area. In 1960, Inclusion Northumberland’s founding parent dreamed that her daughter would live in an inclusive community at a time when doctors recommended provincial institutions.

We believe, as Mary Cook did, that people with developmental disabilities have the right to live in and participate in their community.

Personal Outcome Measures

By using a Personal Outcome based approach we solicit what is most important to people and provide the support needed to achieve their personal goals. Our services emphasize dignity and respect, while promoting and advocating for inclusive community opportunities and equality.

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Inclusion Northumberland has also been accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership since 2000. This is not a mandatory accreditation, but one chosen by the Board of Directors to hold Inclusion Northumberland to the highest standard of service and supports.

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People First Northumberland

People First Northumberland (PFN) is a self-advocate group that promotes the Rights, Abilities, and Strengths of people who have a developmental disability

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The Donner Awards

The Donner Canadian Foundation Awards for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services (Donner Awards) encourage the spirit of initiative and independence, and represent an important step forward in the development of an objective, quantifiable system of measuring non-profit performance.

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Logo for the Community Foundation of Campbellford/Seymour and Northumberland

Community Foundation of Campbellford/Seymour and Northumberland

A community foundation is not just about raising money for the community. It is about investing in the community and being committed to raising community spirit and awareness.

At the Community Foundation of Campbellford/Seymour and Northumberland, our sole focus is community. We envision a community prospering through cooperation and partnerships, where philanthropy and volunteerism are part of daily life, and where organizations work together to address a full spectrum of community needs.

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