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Community Homes

Two people sit together indoors playing video games. There is a young woman on a wheelchair wearing black jeans and a cream coloured sweater. She is holding a game controller in her hand and looking at the camera with a happy look on her face. The other person is sitting on a grey couch also with a game controller in their hand and also looking forward. They are wearing dark framed glasses and a red plaid shirt over top of a white tshirt and blue jeans.

Community Homes

Inclusion Northumberland provides 24/7 support and services to community homes in Warkworth, Campbellford, and Cobourg for adults who require assistance with everyday living. We currently have 3 homes in Campbellford, 1 home in Warkworth, and 1 home in Cobourg. 

There is a strong focus placed on relationship building, goal setting, and meaningful days that are filled with challenging work and/or leisure activities that meet each person’s preferences.

What are the benefits of our Community Homes?

  • Living in a group environment encourages people to cultivate social relationships and friendships.
  • The Community Homes program accommodates people with varying levels of independence including those who require 24 hour support.
  • Specially-trained Inclusion Northumberland staff deliver Community Homes services and supports.
  • The Community Homes program offers a safe home environment and gives people the chance to develop life skills.
  • This residential option also supports people to participate in activities within their community that foster social inclusion and enhanced community participation.

If you have any questions about our Community Homes program, please call 705.653.1821 or email