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Contest to Celebrate Community Living Month

Did you know "MAY" is Community Living Month? To help celebrate, Community Living & Respite Northumberland & Inclusion Northumberland (formerly Community Living Campbellford/Brighton) are sponsoring a contest for all public school classes in Northumberland County to create a craft, "Which defines the importance of INCLUSION around people with disabilities". The best classroom submission from each…
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Inclusion Northumberland Accepts Award

The Excellence in Workplace Wellness and Culture award recognized Inclusion Northumberland for their commitment to their team's physical, intellectual, and emotional support through the work environment. Jeanne Wedlock, HJW Bookkeeping sponsored the award and extended her congratulations to team members Kyle Snyder, Nikki Casey, Dawn Lee, Kimberly Hale and Lisa Searle. #trenthillsbusinessexcellence We are so…
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Congratulations to the Campbellford Community Resource Centre

The Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion award recognized Campbellford Community Resource Centre for its efforts to create an environment that is inclusive and respectful, going above and beyond to reduce barriers for all. Congratulating Lisa Searle and Nikki Casey were sponsors Joanne Hansen and Trish Stenson, The General on Millpond. #trenthillsbusinessexcellence
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Joe’s LifeShare Story

Joe is in our Inclusion Northumberland Lifeshare program and lives with his home provider Judy. He has a wonderful relationship with Judy's sister Cindy, and her mom Phoebe. Joe has chosen to call Phoebe "grandma" and they are very close. Phoebe lived with Joe and Judy when he first moved in 5 years ago, and…
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a man and woman stand outside smiling. The man has dark framed glasses and is wearing a black baseball cap on his head backwards. The woman is wearing dark sunglasses and is leaning her head onto the man. The man has his arm wrapped around the woman with his hand on her head. They appear happy and you can see there is grass and three cars parked behind them.