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Inclusion Northumberland Accepts Award

The Excellence in Workplace Wellness and Culture award recognized Inclusion Northumberland for their commitment to their team's physical, intellectual, and emotional support through the work environment. Jeanne Wedlock, HJW Bookkeeping sponsored the award and extended her congratulations to team members Kyle Snyder, Nikki Casey, Dawn Lee, Kimberly Hale and Lisa Searle. #trenthillsbusinessexcellence We are so…
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Congratulations to Tim Hortons Campbellford

Congratulations to Tim Hortons, Campbellford for taking a leadership role in championing diversity within its workplace and community. The Inclusive Employer Award was presented to Brenda Ruell and and Jimmy Robertson by award sponsors Lisa Searle and Dawn Lee, Inclusion Northumberland. #trenthillsbusinessexcellence
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100% Compliance Again!

We are extremely proud to announce that (for the 7th year in a row) CLC/B has received a certificate of 100% compliance!  The reviewer from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services arrived Tuesday morning for our unannounced compliance audit.  He visited three sites and also audited personnel files and files for people supported…
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a group of 8 adults stand inside a bright lit room. They are each holding up a hand into the centre of the group all high-fiving eachother.